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Excellent spinning line enhanced by the special technology.  The Pitch System repels water from its surface considerably helping to maintain the best characteristics of the line and its lifetime at the same time making it easier to detect even the most subtle of bites. Two-tone design allows the angler to see the line in all kinds of weather conditions.  Visible to the angler when the line is in the air but ensures its total invisibility when inside water. ION POWER Bass Competition line is produced from Novamid special polymer developed by the Japanese firm Mitsubishi, the leading developer and manufacturer of special fibers. Novamid material has zero memory, high abrasion resistance and very high knot strength whilst all the while keeping the surface of the fishing line is incredibly smooth. Thanks to the special spooling system PLS (parallel spooling system) this line is not subject to any damage or twisting when spooled to the reel from its original packaging. Packaging: 150m.

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