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CARP STALKER is an ideal solution for carp fishing specialists – it has all the required characteristics necessary to satisfy even the most demanding anglers. The line has special camouflage coloration, high knot strength, minimal stretch and zero memory. Among other very important features of CRAIG NEIL CARP STALKER line are its high abrasion resistance and precisely calibrated diameter throughout the whole length of the line. Thanks to the application of PLS - Line Parallel Spooling - the lower layers remain perfectly smooth and not damaged by the upper layers and all the line is laid on the spool without twist or torsion – very important feature if one wants to make as long as possible casts. PLS – Parallel Line Spooling is the unique production procedure which enables to spool a line on reel without any undesirable twisting and consequent damage during its use in action. The line is spooled on two connected spools, each of 300m.

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