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The monofilament Q-Light Competition is the newest arrival to the large family of AWA`S ION POWER fishing lines. It has been designed especially for fans of light and ultra light spinning. It is produced of high quality NF / HF 70 polymer material which results in a line with zero memory and both exceptionally high linear and knot strengths with an optimal stretch. The line coloring is almost invisible in the water what makes this monofilament very suitable for fishing in clear waters. Thanks to its smoothness and special surface treatment (HYDRO REPELLENT PITCH system - which actively repels water from the surface and thus reduces the maximum absorption of the water into the structure of the line) it is quite easy to make longer and more accurate casts even when fishing with small and light lures. 

Q-Light Competition is parallel spooled, therefore the lower layers remain perfectly smooth and not damaged by the upper layers and all the line is laid on the spool without twist or torsion. Fishermen can, thanks to this special spooling, spool their reel the with the line with perfectly smooth surface, without distortions, and with much longer life. 

In order to prolong the lifespan of the line as long as possible we pack it in the special ALU packs in a vacuum packaging environment. Packaging: 150m.

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