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In designing and manufacturing of our fishing rods, we focused our attention on the quality of materials used as well as applying strict control of production in order to meet as many of our customer’s requirements as possible.


For these reasons our fishing rods are manufactured from the highest quality carbon materials, researched and developed by the Japanese company, Mitsubishi Corporation. These carbon materials, compared to other conventional carbon fibers, offer increased performance which is in turn reflected in their higher strength, flexibility and robustness while maintaining low weight in the rod blanks.

Our guides, ALCO-LITE S-SiC are fitted on almost all AWA'S rods and belong, undoubtedly, to the highest class of rod guides in the fishing tackle market. Our ultra-light and strong one- and two-legged guides are made by sintering of carbides with light noble metals and are characterized by their exceptional hardness and extremely smooth surfaces.  These properties enable our rods to achieve long and accurate casts, with monofilament and all braided lines. In addition, the Alco-Lite S-SiC funnel tip guides ensures maximum protection of fishing lines and braids in repeated casting and playing of fish.

Our rods are equipped with high quality handle sections which are fitted with ergonomic reel seats. Our focus is to ensure maximum comfort during all fishing situations and secure reel seating when playing fish.


Our rod handles are fitted with special non-slip EVA material or superior natural cork. Firmly mounted reel seats are selected per specific design to be the most suitable for the purpose the rod is designed for including the relevant size and type of the reel.

We take care of our AWA’S fishing rods, even after their purchase. We protect our rods on their way to your home as well as when you take them fishing.  All of our fishing rods are delivered in cloth or PE bags.


In addition, most of the fishing rods are safely packed in one more protective case types,  either a rigid PVC (HC - Hard Case) or solid bag with double-sided zipper (HB - Hard Bag).


N'Gage SAY SENSOR rods are supplied in high quality hardened Cases for safe transport (HT - Hard Tube)

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